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Once you have made the decision on a yacht charter, the next step is the booking process. Since most questions will have been answered for you before your final decision, the remaining things to do are quite straight forward.

  1. When we receive your email confirmation to place an option on the yacht of your choice, a Yacht Charter Agreement is prepared.
    1. An option is the duration of anywhere from 1 day to 1 week. Sometimes options can be extended depending on the time of year you are booking.
    2. An option is a ‘hold’ on the yacht so that no other agents or the boat owner books the same week you want.  Once your option expires the yacht is once again available to others. Usually you are sent a reminder the day before it expires.
    3. During the ‘option’ stage a contract is sent, reviewed, signed by both sides and a deposit is sent to our company bank account by the last day of the option.
  2. Once the agreement is signed, and your funds confirmed in our account, the yacht is secured and cannot be chartered for the same period by anyone else.
  3. Four to six weeks before your arrival, the balance of your charter is due, or the balance can be paid in cash upon your arrival on board.
  4. Four to six weeks before your arrival, we email our Client Holiday Forms. These are forms requesting information from you and your group so that we can prepare and provision the yacht accordingly and make any requested airport or hotel transfers.

Option is placed on explicit e-mail request, and is active until agreed date. Booking needs to be confirmed while option is active. Option expires after agreed date without special warning. Please take care of your option expiration. Booking is confirmed when agreement is signed by both parties and deposit paid.

Laws & Regulations
The agent, broker, gulet or yacht owner, gulet or yacht captain are not liable for any changes in laws, maritime laws, regulations by respective authorities and law enforcement and government / government agencies. This is effective before, during or after the signed charter agreements and valid in whichever country the charter takes place, and wherever the Yacht Charter Agreement is signed.

Please ensure you are aware of these general terms and regulations before committing to a charter contract.

Internet on board Gulets
For boats based in Turkey which offer internet, the Wi-Fi internet in Turkish waters is generally with Turkish mobile connectivity. There is no connection guarantee in every mooring point as well as when boat is in Greek waters. Some gulets may have Greek mobile connectivity which is purchased in Greece by the gulet Captain if it is included in the charter price or agreement. Even with Greek internet connectivity there is never a guarantee that there will be a signal at every island / port / or at sea. Passengers can only use internet to check emails. Uploading downloading movies, videos is not permitted.

Water Sports & Toys
Please note that water toys such as jet skis and water skis may not be found in all yacht and gulet rentals. Please inquire about these particular features when writing to us for an updated inventory of these items. Sometimes the yachts will include them without the fuel (fuel is extra), and other times not. Also they maybe included in the price, and also may not. Alternatively, these items can be rented from water sport providers when anchored in certain bays during your travels.

Also for toys such as jet skis require a license by law for use if the jet ski is on board the boat you have chartered. A waiver must also by signed by passengers on the boat.

Additional Services

The following services/activities can be arranged through Mirya Yachting from 3rd party companies which provide these services.
• Private tour guide
• Masseuse (where available)
• Child-minding services (Crews are not child-minders and some boat owners do not accept providing this service due to certain liabilities. If you require this service, another person recorded in the boat’s transit log as a passenger may be arranged.)
• Airport transfer
• Restaurant reservations
• Scuba diving (where available)
• Water sports rentals (where available)
• Parasailing (where available)
• Paragliding (where available)
• Fly boarding (where available)
• Oriental dancer (where available)
• Bike rental
• Bike tour guide
• Car rental
• Scooter rental
• Extra crew member such as stewardess / steward

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